Saturday, 3 September 2016


Took a trip to London. Stayed with a friend. A friend who has a very different lifestyle to me but I still like and am friends with. I usually resent people who are 'comfortably off', but not this one. She is also older than my mum and an American. An unlikely friend, indeed.

I wanted to see more of the everyday life there and less of the touristy stuff. We did a bit of both. I found myself looking at the people living their every day lives and thinking, how can you just be walking around going about your daily business, when you're in London, the big city? Where everything happens and all the cool people are? Don't you realise you are 'it'? I suppose it's because I see London, London people and London lifestyles as this 'other' thing. But when you're in it, it's not other, it just is.

Not that I would want that for myself or anything. I have no desire to be like those people. Whatever that is. Though I would like to be able to be the person I am and go about my daily business and not be thinking about how I am seen or how what I am doing is seen. Like those people. All those different types of people, I might add. I am saying 'those people' as if they are one homogeneous mass and they're definitely not. I'm just very judgemental.

Anyway, here's some pics.

Only pic of street art that I got, and it's shit street art. I didn't see any good stuff.

London cat. No fucks given. Was not interested in our cooing.

This is apparently how they do allotments. In bags. My friend showed me her collection of scented geraniums.

My guest house. Can you believe it?! I told my friend to Air BnB this shizzle immediately.

Only the best shop in the world. No comparison to the Copenhagen store though.

The V&A. Just wondered around lost until I was tired. Which took about 5 mins. Impressed by the grandiosity of the building itself more than the collections.

Apart from this room. Went in and was like, "Wow". Huge ceilings, Huge paintings. So grand.

Tourist dinner but was nice to do it instead of getting a Greggs pasty.

Radioactive butterfly in the Natural History Museum's butterfly house.

Nice houses.

Impressive library for a branch library.

Always with the libraries.

This is where I stayed. Where my friend lives. Wow.

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