Thursday, 12 May 2016

Day trip to Malmo

Determined to tick Sweden off my "been to" list I was brave and planned to catch the commuter bus from Copenhagen to Malmo on the last day of our trip.

Despite a mini panic about finding the bus stop, we got there and all went according to plan. We did it - we went to Sweden!

I made sure to get the bus rather than the train so we could cross the Oresund Bridge (The Bridge from 'The Bridge'), which made this 'Nordic Noir' fan very excited. The bridge actually disappears into the sea and goes under it, so it's a bit unusual.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through customs and having the sniffer dog come on the bus.

There it is.

The bridge! Viewed from a dirty back window

Lilla Torg


They really make an effort with their floral displays in Scandinavia. Even the plainist. everyday squares have gorge flowers.


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